Can Digital Marketing Be Done Without a Website or Social Media?

News | Nov 22

Digital Marketing is the process of promoting your brand/website online. This can be done through a variety of different tools such as Google advertising and social media advertising, but can this be done without having a website or social media?

Websites provide a space for you to promote your business. They provide users with as much information about your product or service and for some, a platform where they can purchase your product/service online. As web designers, we think a website is an absolute essential for any professional/successful business.

Having a website provides a landing page for all other online/offline promotions. It’s a place you can guide users to from materials such as business cards, flyers, socials, emails etc. It is a platform to direct all online advertisements to such as Google advertising and Social Media advertising. Without a website, where would you tell customers to go as the next step in the customer journey?

Although a website is essential (in our opinion), there are other tools you can use to promote your business online. Social media is an excellent way of growing your business without the need for a website. Features on all of the main channels such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok allow businesses to sell online via social media. This cuts out the need for an e-commerce website.

You can also promote your social media channels using social advertising. Many of the channels allow you to promote your page by setting a daily advertising budget. They will then show your page/post/shop to as many people as possible within the demographics you set.

So, the short answer to ‘can Digital Marketing be done without a website or social media?’ is no. You need to have one of the above to be able to successfully launch/promote a business. However, Ideally, you should have both!

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